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Is an IGCSE the same as a GCSE?

Is an IGCSE the same as a GCSE? Both IGCSEs and GCSEs are universally accepted as direct equivalents to each other, with the differences between the two being very minor.   Originally, the primary difference between the two was that the traditional GCSE contained more coursework, with exams not holding as much weight in results as [...]

What is an IGCSE?

What is an IGCSE? An International General Certificate of Secondary Education, commonly known as an IGCSE, is an international version of the British GCSE, and is recognised in the UK as a direct equivalent.  It measures a student’s attainment in a specific subject, which is usually graded by sitting exams. IGCSE’s are usually studied from [...]

National Nurse’s Day

12th May is National Nurses Day. An opportunity to shout out about how grateful we are of the nurses who support us all!

Earth Day with LearnOnline

22nd April is Earth Day – LearnOnline care about the planet and have selected some of our courses at a discounted rate for you to enrol onto and learn how to look after Earth.

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