Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You are required to read through and agree to the Terms and Conditions before making a purchase. The terms and split into the following:

  • LearnOnline terms & conditions for online courses
  • Exams at Pembrokeshire College terms and conditions.

LearnOnline Terms and Conditions

What it means to study with LearnOnline

LearnOnline offer a range of courses;

IGCSEs, AS and A level (UK & International) self-study courses follow the awarding body specifications to offer a study guide to follow with tutor marked assignments throughout, which include feedback and tutor support via the LearnOnline platform (message based).

LearnOnline offer a range of self-study business support courses, developed for students to study at their own pace and obtain completion certificates. These courses do not include tutor support.


The approximate number of study hours are included in the welcome email when a learner enrols. Learners are expected to set their own study timetable based on these hours and the number of topics within their course. Tutors will not chase learners to submit work. To receive the best support and results it is in the learner’s best interest to regularly study and submit work.

Learner’s Work & Plagiarism

If work is submitted that is not 100% the learners, this could be considered plagiarised. LearnOnline is able to refuse to use that work when predicting grades or calculating assessed grades. It is in the learner’s best interest to submit their own work. By agreeing to LearnOnline Terms and Conditions the learner agrees to submit their own work unless agreed otherwise with the LearnOnline Team.

Breach of this term may result in further action taken with the LearnOnline and Pembrokeshire College Quality Teams.


LearnOnline learners can enrol at any time and any age. If the learner is over 18 they must communicate directly with LearnOnline Admin Team and tutors, using their own email address, unless agreed otherwise.

If the student is under 18, the parent or guardian will be required to be added as a mentor to the LearnOnline programme and agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to enrolment.

Textbooks and Resources


Included in the IGCSE and A level courses are textbooks, which we send to the learner as part of the enrolment procedure. If the learner is outside of the UK LearnOnline will arrange and pay for the shipment of these books, however some countries add an additional import tax, which is not covered by the course fee and is the recipient’s responsibility to pay.

Additional Resources

With some LearnOnline courses there may be additional resources or books recommended that are not included within the course fee. LearnOnline try to include as much as possible to ensure the learner is not disadvantaged in their studies.

Mentor Management

Parents, guardians, teachers or private tutors may wish to be made a mentor for a learner. For learners under 18 they will require a mentor. For learners over 18 permission from the learner will be required to add a mentor.

Mentors receive a separate login to the LearnOnline platform where they can view the learner’s progress and contact the tutor directly (online). Mentors will also receive the notifications sent via the platform and copied in on administration emails from the LearnOnline Admin Team.

Mentors will not have access to the course itself or the student’s feedback from the tutor.

Mentors are expected to support the learner with timetabling their studies, progress and exam booking and administration.


Learners are expected to find an exam centre of their choosing, book and pay for their own exams. We strongly recommend finding a centre as close to home as possible.

If the LearnOnline course includes a Non-Exam Assessment, Pembrokeshire College will enter the learner with the examination board, however, you have the option to complete your written exams at a centre of your choosing under the Transferred Candidate Option. The Transfer Entry fee is not included in your course fee


For AS and A level learners only. LearnOnline can support learners with subject references and predicted grades for standard January applications only. Should the learner require more UCAS support, including for medical, veterinary, dentistry, Oxbridge applications the learner will be required to pay for the additional Pembrokeshire College UCAS Team support.

For all UCAS requests the learner must complete at least 75% of their tutor marked assignments by the UCAS application deadline and the tutor must be confident the work is the learner’s own submissions.

LearnOnline have the right to not provide a subject reference if they are not confident with the learner’s work.

The learner cannot put pressure on the LearnOnline Team to submit the applications earlier than the application deadline.

Predicted Grades for IGCSE learners

IGCSE learners only. Predicted grades for college applications are not included in the IGCSE course fee. Tutors rely on the learner’s work to see their potential grade in exams. Depending on when the learner starts and when the prediction is requested, it is not always possible to do this based on the learner’s work.   

If a learner has submitted more than 50% of their tutor marked assignments by the predicted grade request date, we can provide a percentage and overview of the learner’s work to date. This will not be a predicted grade, but should give indication of the learner’s work to date.   

Alternatively, the learner can request to complete a set of mock exam papers, which will be an additional cost to the course fee. You must give us 4 weeks’ notice to provide papers and the tutor to mark them. 

LearnOnline always recommend exam papers are sat in as close to exam conditions as possible, if the learners use textbooks, mark schemes or the internet to help answer the questions the grade will not be accurate, LearnOnline cannot take responsibility for a different grade when exams are sat.  

Practical Endorsements

For A level learners only. LearnOnline learners can choose the location to complete their practical endorsements. A list of centres can be provided upon request.

LearnOnline Moodle Access

Learners who have not accessed their LearnOnline account over 100 days will be suspended. To reactivate the account, email online@pembrokeshire.ac.uk and the account will be reactivated as long as the learner is within their allocated study time.

Fees Policy

A link to our fees policy can be found here. This is updated in line with Pembrokeshire College policy and procedures in July each year.

Payment Plans

IGCSE and A level only. Learners can select to pay for their IGCSE, A level, Fast Track A levels* and International A levels on a payment plan. To enrol onto the course a 25% deposit will be paid via the LearnOnline website.

A payment plan will be completed as part of the enrolment form, which will be given to Pembrokeshire College Finance Team to issue a Direct Debit form in the post with the request to send back within 1 week of receipt.

The payment plan will ask for the remaining balance to be spread across 5 equal payments, which are to be paid via Direct Debit on the 1st of each month following on from the month the deposit was made.

If you wish to purchase more than one course there may be bundle prices available or longer instalment payments. Please request this at enquiry stage.

Failure to return the paperwork or make payments will result in the LearnOnline account being suspended. 

*The payment plan for Fast Track A levels is possible, but the payments must be made before the end of the course is due. 

Extension Fees

Applicable to IGCSE and A level courses only, not applicable to Business Training courses. 

IGCSE courses have 2 years (24 months) access from date of enrolment. To extend access & tutor support beyond this point the fees are as follows:

  • 3 month extension: £93
  • 6 month extension: £170
  • 9 month extension: £249
  • 12 month extension: £309

A level courses have 3 years (36 months) access from date of enrolment. To extend access & tutor support beyond this point the fees are as follows:

  • 3 month extension: £106
  • 6 month extension: £195
  • 9 month extension: £286
  • 12 month extension: £354

Fast Track A level courses have 1.5 years (18 months) access from date of enrolment. To extend access & tutor support beyond this point the fees are as follows:

  • 3 month extension: £108
  • 6 month extension: £207
  • 9 month extension: £306
  • 12 month extension: £378

The extension fee does not include additional tutor marked assignments and you cannot re-submit work unless prior agreement with the LearnOnline Admin Team.

You can pay for extension fees here.

Personal Data

As a LearnOnline learner we will store some personal data in a secure location. This information will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for anything other than to contact the learner directly in relation to the LearnOnline course. This information will be deleted from our system completely 3 years after the learner has completed the course.

Contacting us

LearnOnline Administration Team

Tel: 01437 753490

Email: online@pembrokeshire.ac.uk

Exams at Pembrokeshire College Terms and Conditions

This applies to online learners and private candidates being entered by Pembrokeshire College for their GCSE, IGCSE, AS or A level exams.

Do you qualify?

If you are studying an online course with LearnOnline  you qualify to sit your exams with Pembrokeshire College. 

It is your responsibility to find an exam centre who will accept you and enter you for your exams.  Pembrokeshire College is able to host a variety of exams, which include A Levels, GCSEs and IGCSEs in many subjects with most awarding bodies.

It is very important that you provide us with full and accurate information when you apply. It is also important that you read all the information given to you.  

As of September 2023 Pembrokeshire College cannot offer exams to private candidates unless they are studying with LearnOnline.

Pembrokeshire College Privacy Notice

In order for us to identify you accurately from other candidates and to process your requested exam entry we need your personal information detailed in the application form. It is very important that this is accurate and includes your UCI Number. 

Your rights and choices  

Because we hold data about you, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to:  

  • access the personal data the College holds on you  
  • require the College to rectify inaccuracies in that data  
  • object to processing on grounds relating to your particular situation (in some circumstances)  
  • restrict processing (in some circumstances)  
  • have your data erased (in certain circumstances)  
  • lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) who is the independent regulator for data protection  

 The Data Controller is Pembrokeshire College and can be contacted on 01437 753000. 

For queries and requests to access data the Data Protection Officer is David Evans, Assistant Principal and can be contacted on 01437 753265 or dataprotection@pembrokeshire.ac.uk. 

Your data is stored securely and will be retained according to the retention schedule in the College’s Data Access and Protection Policy. This is available on the College website. 

Data will not be transferred outside of the European Economic Community. 

We do not make decisions using automated profile and decision making systems. All decision making systems involve human intervention. 

Unique Candidate Identifier Number (UCI Number)

This 13-character code, is unique to you, and lasts for the duration of your study.  It is used to collect all of your results for your final grade.

Don’t think you have a UCI Number?Have you completed an exam in the last 20 years? If so you will find your UCI number on your results certificate. 

If you have definitely not got a UCI number you will be allocated one when you apply with the college. 

It is important for you to know that if we don’t have the correct UCI number you may not be given your full results. 

Exams Details

We will need to know the details of the exam you are applying for. It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct names and codes of the subjects. We are aware that this can also be confusing so we have provided links to all the relevant websites for you to obtain this information. 

Please note that these websites may not have a Welsh option. 

 You may also find reviewing the course specification of the subject that you are studying will have this information detailed on. Often under ‘Specification at a Glance’ section of the document.  


Non-Exam Assessments (NEAs)

Unless you are an online learner with Pembrokeshire College, we cannot accept entries for exams that include NEAs. If you are unsure if your course has an NEA, please review your course specification.  

NEAs include coursework, practicals, oral assessments, listening assessments and fieldwork investigations.  

Access Arrangements

You may require access arrangements and reasonable adjustments due to additional learning needs, (ALN), disabilities, medical conditions or temporary injury. We will require this information when you apply in order to accommodate your needs.  

If the requirements are ALN related, we may need you to visit Pembrokeshire College to undergo a series of specialist assessments to determine any difficulties with speed of working, difficulties with reading or difficulties with writing legibility etc, this applies to ALL entries, including transferred candidates. You may also be required to supply us with further evidence such as psychological reports or dyslexia assessments, for example.  

If your requirements are based on medical grounds, we may require evidence of this, which could be a medical report or doctor letter, for example. 

Our aim is to ensure all of our applicants are treated fairly and we ask that in order to do this you provide us with the most accurate and up to date information in a timely manner so that there are no issues in meeting your needs or putting access arrangements and reasonable adjustments in place.  

Transferred Candidate

If you need Pembrokeshire College to enter you for your written exams and complete transfer paperwork please make this clear on application so that we get all the correct information from you.  

*What is a transferred candidate? 

Transferred Candidates are when an exam centre enter the candidate for the exams, but the candidate may need to sit their exams at another centre, closer to home, for example. This is not a guaranteed solution and Pembrokeshire College have the right to reject an application for this.  


Exam Entry Fees 

  • GCSEs/IGCSEs £90.00 per written paper 
  • A Levels £100.00 per written paper 
  • Resits £85.00 per paper 
  • Transfer £175.00 per entry (you will be required to pay a fee to your chosen exam centre) 

Assessed Grades 

If written exams are cancelled and replaced by the requirement of assessed grades there will be an additional charge of £125.00 per subject. 

NEA Appeals applicable to online learners only 

Full payment of £100.00 is required on the day the appeal form is submitted to the LearnOnline Team. 50% of the fee will be returned to you if you receive a different grade from the remark. 

 Withdrawal from exams 

If you no longer wish to take your exams, pleasecontact us.  If you cancel your exams before the awarding body deadlines the entry fee will be refunded minus an administration fee of £30 per paper.  

Cancellation cost of exams after exam board deadline: 

  • IGCSE £77.00 
  • AS Level £82.00 
  • A Level £112.00

See here for the fee policy .

How to Pay

We require payment prior to acceptance of the application. You can pay online via the Exams Page.

We cannot accept phone payments or cheques. 

Late payment fees (after 31st January) will apply if your application after our deadline and we cannot guarantee availability.  Please check with us prior to application if unsure. 


There are three main exam series throughout the academic year; you will be able to find out when your exam is via examination timetables.  It is vital that you apply and pay for your exam by the following deadlines to ensure you are enrolled onto your exams. 

  • Autumn Exams (November/October) 31st August  
  • Winter Exams (January) 30th September 
  • Summer Exams (May/June) 15th January  this date may change year on year depending on capacity
  • Final NEA Submission: 28th February 

*If you do have access arrangements we kindly request that you book your exams by the 15th December so that we can ensure all the necessary arrangements are in place.  

Clean Text

Copies of clean texts are permitted within certain specifications, allowing you to take the books you have been studying in to the examination, please check the course specification for clarification.  You will need to ensure that the book is completely clean and free of notes.  Our Exams department will require the book 5 days before your exam, please send it to the above address along with a note including your name, exam title and date of exam.

Entry Confirmation & Arrival

You will receive confirmation for your entry nearer to the time of exam, which will include where to come for your exams, your timetable and a copy of the awarding body regulations.  

You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the examination and report to the Main Reception.  A valid form of photo identification must be produced to the invigilator.   


COVID-19 has changed many things, including how we operate in society. Your safety is paramount and we will take all the necessary precautions recommended by the Welsh and UK Government to ensure the safety of our students, visitors and staff. You will be notified if any specific requirements need to be adhered to when sitting exams. 

Should there be a situation where exams cannot go ahead we will be in contact with you as soon as we can and explain the process of if or how we can help.   

We recommend that you book your exams at a centre as close to home as possible. It is within the College’s rights to not accept your application if they feel it goes against current Welsh or UK Government guidance in accepting candidates outside the county.  

Contacting us

Please request and submit an application via email:
Email: online@pembrokeshire.ac.uk  

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to email your questions and we will respond within 48 hours or arrange a call with you, if requested.  

Please contact the LearnOnline team for more details

Phone: 01437 753 490

Email: online@pembrokeshire.ac.uk 

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