Choosing your child’s education pathway can be difficult, especially if you have chosen to home educate.

LearnOnline offers a full range of guidance and support to help you understand the IGCSE and A-level options available and to help you choose the correct fit for your child’s education.

Course Support

Our team are here to help, and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting leaners and families in their home education journey. LearnOnline at Pembrokeshire College have been delivering online learning since 2011 and with over 10 years experience in teaching children at home, we will support you at every step and help you to choose subjects to study which compliment each other, answer questions regarding coursework or practical sessions and help you to understand the exams process.

Choosing course subjects can be fun, but also a little bit daunting when considering subjects which your child may not have studied before, that is where the LearnOnline Team are here to help. Whether you want to know a bit more about Biology or are considering Computer Science, our knowledgeable team will be able to discuss each of our courses in detail to ensure you are aware of everything included in the course, as well as what will be expected of your child as a learner!

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Parent Support

While is it your child that will be studying the courses, completing homework and preparing for exams, we know that you may need support as a parent too! LearnOnline has supported hundreds of families who have been home educating their children for many years who are now looking for help and support for IGCSE and A-levels, we are here to help!

You can contact the LearnOnline Team at any time during your child’s studies, whether it is to ensure they are doing the work, ask about exams or just need a little chat.

If the learner is under 18, you can also be allocated as their mentor, which ensures you have your own account login, can keep up to date with your child’s submissions of work and receive the important administration updates.

UCAS Support

Applying to University can be a very challenging and time-consuming task for any student. LearnOnline offers a full range of university application support from predicted grades right through to practice interviews and entrance exam preparation. Pembrokeshire College has extensive links with UCAS and all UK universities, and will support your child with their application to a UK university.

What are UCAS Tariff points?
UCAS Tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value. All A-level qualifications have a UCAS Tariff value, which will vary dependent on the grade achieved.

How are UCAS Tariff points used?
Some universities, colleges, and conservatoires refer to UCAS Tariff points in their course entry requirements, but this doesn’t mean they won’t consider qualifications that don’t appear on the Tariff – so make sure you check the course entry requirements carefully!

UCAS Support
All A-level programmes from LearnOnline include UCAS support, including predicted grades and tutor references. There is also the opportunity to upgrade to receive College expert UCAS support, view here for more details.

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Exams Support

As a general rule, nobody likes tests or exams, but they are a part of everyday life!

All of our online courses are assessed by exams which must be sat in person at a registered exam centre on a specified date and time. LearnOnline provide information and guidance on the examination process and can guide you through the steps required to register your child for their exams at a local examination centre.  If your child’s course includes a coursework component or requires attendance at a practical workshop, the team will inform you of the requirements and support and assist you to ensure the relevant paperwork is complete and that everything is in order.

Pembrokeshire College is a registered examination centre too, so we are always up-to-date with the latest news and information from all of the major UK awarding bodies, ensuring the information we are providing is always current and correct.

Please contact the LearnOnline team for more details

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