Non-Exam Assessment Explained!

Non-Exam Assessment Explained!

Does your A level with LearnOnline include a                Non-Exam Assessment?

Not sure what this means to you as a remote learner?

Let us try to explain.

LearnOnline A level NEA - 16-18 year old sat at desk typing on laptop

What is a Non-Exam Assessment?

The Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) can be referred to as coursework or a project during your course. The NEA makes up a percentage of your final A level grade, so is an essential part of your course. The NEA is completed independently and LearnOnline has an internal submissions deadline at the end of February in your final year of study. Our fully qualified and experienced tutors mark and assess the NEA. Results are issued by the end of March.

How does this mark tie in with written exams as a remote learner?

As a remote learner you will have two options:

Option 1: If you are local to Pembrokeshire, LearnOnline learners are able to enter to sit exams as a private candidate at Pembrokeshire College, Haverfordwest. This is as straight forward as it gets, entering your NEA and sitting written exams all in one location with us at Pembrokeshire College.

Option 2:  Most LearnOnline learners are not located in Pembrokeshire and don’t panic, you don’t have to travel all the way to us to sit your exams. There is the ‘Transferred Candidate’ option. This means you find an exam centre of your choice (recommended as close to home as possible) and ask if they will be willing to host your written exams.

What does ‘hosting exams’ mean? A levels are linear, which means only one centre can enter a candidate for all elements of the A level. As you are completing your NEA with LearnOnline at Pembrokeshire College this means we enter you with the awarding body and apply for ‘Transferred Candidate’ option so that you can sit your written exams at the exam centre of your choice.

That centre has nothing to do with the entry with the awarding body or your results, they complete an agreement to the transfer and provide a space for you to sit the exams.

Costs for this can vary from centre to centre, but bear in mind that they are not paying the awarding body entry fees, Pembrokeshire College are, they are, however, providing you with space, invigilators and potentially exam access arrangements so expect a fee from them.

Do I need to remember all of this?

Each year at the end of October the Year 2 learners are asked where they plan to complete their exams. This starts our process for understanding which option you have chosen and we then act accordingly. The LearnOnline admin team work with you to arrange the transfer to your chosen host centre.

Exam Centres

As a LearnOnline learner, you are responsible for choosing your exam centre and paying for exams, whether they are at Pembrokeshire College or externally. Please find fees for the options listed in this article on our Exams page.

Tips and suggestions

  • Choose a centre as close to home as possible to avoid travel costs on top of exam entry fees
  • Find a centre toward the end of Summer. We will want to know your exam centre details by end of October
  • Start saving for exams now, get estimated fees and put a bit by each month so you are not faced with a large bill and no funds when you come to book
  • Take a look at our data sheets that explain the process both to learners and exam centres.

Has this helped?

It may sound complicated but with over 10 years’ experience, you are in good hands with LearnOnline. If you do have any questions you are welcome to contact us directly and we will answer any questions you have.