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Can I teach my child IGCSEs at home?

In short, YES! 

The idea of helping your child reach their potential could be daunting, especially when it comes to them completing qualifications that may affect their future. However, in the modern age, it is easier to help them now than ever before.  

The obvious place to start is to decide which subjects you want your child to study, if your child is looking at a specific career path, maybe visit the UCAS website to determine if specific universities require any particular IGCSEs. As a starting point, a qualification in Maths, English and at least one of the Sciences is recommended by most.  

For each subject there are different awarding bodies that you can achieve your qualification with, for IGCSEs these are Edexcel and Cambridge International (CAIE). With a quick internet search, you would be able to find their specification, and be able to pick which is best suited to your child. This specification will be able to tell you what topics are covered, and if the course contains any coursework or practical elements.  

Something to be mindful of when looking at courses is where you will want to sit exams. If you are home educating your child, you will need to find an exam centre and enter them as a private candidate. Before you start studying, if you have chosen IGCSEs that entail coursework or practical elements, your choice of exam centres may be much more limited. 

There are plenty of free resources available for learners, with the right textbooks, and with the use of the likes of YouTube and BBC Bitesize, you can be confident that your child will be learning the correct information for their subject. If you’re feeling a little out of depth, you may wish to consider an online provider for support.  

LearnOnline can work with you to help keep you and your child on the right track to achieve the best grade they can in their IGCSEs. With us your child can receive a blended educational experience, combining home schooling and online learning to ensure a breadth of learning throughout their chosen subjects.  

The links below show you the IGCSE courses that we offer, each tile includes the awarding specification that we use.  

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