Science A-level Practical Endorsement

Science A-level Practical Endorsement

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Practical Endorsement Workshop with BioGradTM

LearnOnline have created a partnership with BioGradTM Exams to host your science A level practical endorsement workshop.

 “BioGrad laboratories are world-class research facilities and our courses are held with real scientists. The BioGrad programme is designed for students who wish to invest their time and energy into developing real laboratory skills that will ultimately get them into work/university whilst also developing their theoretical knowledge to support their A-level studies. These courses are more than just obtaining the minimum requirement to pass.”

If you select A-level with Practical Endorsement, you will secure a space with BioGradTM . LearnOnline will share your details with them the August prior to the year you wish to complete your A level. They will then make direct contact to choose your dates and pay for the workshop.

Why BioGradTM Exams?

In addition to BioGradTM’s world-class research facilities their courses are held by real scientists and the learners receive experience of working in a live laboratory.

We live in turbulent times with regards to restrictions and not knowing whether there will be lockdowns or local restrictions.

BioGradTM can offer security during these times:

  • COVID tests on arrival to ensure all students (and staff) are safe to carry out their workshop
  • Support in finding accommodation, specifically chosen to ensure learner safety and well being during their time studying with BioGradTM
  • BioGradTM can be flexible with dates so if the learner is unable to attend the workshop on the agreed date, there is an option to arrange another time, subject to availability and following BioGradTM ‘s amendment and cancellation policy.

You can read more about BioGradTM Exams here.


BioGradTM Exams main centre is located at Liverpool Science Park, Liverpool, Merseyside.

They also have satellite locations in London, Oxford, Newcastle and Birmingham. These locations have limited spaces so ensure you book quickly.


The Science A-levels offered are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

BioGradTM A level Practical Endorsements are monitored by the awarding bodies and they work with you to ensure you receive the very best experience and result.


Liverpool site

Just a short walk from BioGrad Laboratories, Quest ApartHotel are the accommodation recommended by BioGrad. Click on the link to read more.

Pandemic dependent – if learners are accompanied there may be restricted movement, so as to remain within bubble.

Satellite sites

Accommodation may vary with these sites so contact BioGrad directly to discuss the options.


The learner will be expected to attend the workshops between January and April in the same year as final exams. It is not advised to attend them sooner than this as the learner should have a good amount of theory knowledge prior to attending.

Pandemic dependent, learners will be expected to arrive the Sunday prior to the start of the workshop and receive a COVID-19 test.

Booking Exams

BioGradTM have a list of known exam centres across the UK who will accept the science practical endorsement results, which means that the learner can choose an exam centre and book with them directly.

If the learner is unable to find an exam centre within the local area Pembrokeshire College can make the entry with the awarding body and accept the practical results from BioGradTM choosing the Transferred Candidate option so that the learner can sit exams at a centre close to home. Contact the LearnOnline Admin Team for more information on this option.


Fees for the workshops and accommodation will be payable to BioGrad directly. The fee for the workshop may change each year, but estimated at £999.

How to Reserve a Space with BioGrad

  1. Return to the A-level course of your choice
  2. Next to the ‘Buy Online’ button you will see a drop down box
  3. Select A-level with Practical Endorsement
  4. Purchase course

The order that we receive will show you have selected to reserve a space with BioGrad. We will hold your details until the August before your examination year, which is when we will share your contact details with BioGrad. They will contact you directly to book dates and to arrange payment and accommodation.

Please contact the LearnOnline team for more details

Phone: 01437 753 490


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