Exams & Revision

  • Additional Payment

    Additional Payment for LearnOnline Courses  
  • Admin Fee £75

    LearnOnline Administration Fee  
  • Biology Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Biology Tuition  
  • Chemistry Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Chemistry Tuition  
  • Computer Science Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Computer Science Tuition  
  • Exam Paper Marking

    Past exam paper Marking service. Ensure that you are prepared for your exams by completing a past paper and submit it to LearnOnline for one of our expert tutors to mark and provide you with a grade. You will also receive support with any answers which require additional understanding/revision.  This feedback will identify your further [...]
  • Exam Transfer Fee

    Exam Transfer Fee If you are a LearnOnline student and agreed with your exam centre and LearnOnline on a 'Transfer Fee' for your written exams you are in the right place & you can make the payment here!  
  • Revision Session

    Revision Session with your Course Tutor If you are a LearnOnline student and you have been contacted by the LearnOnline Team with an option to sign up to course revision sessions you are in the right place! Simply add the Revision Session to your cart and make the purchase and your course tutor will be [...]
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