Exams & Revision

  • Additional Payment

    Additional Payment for LearnOnline Courses  
  • Admin Fee £25

    LearnOnline Administration Fee  
  • Admin Fee £75

    LearnOnline Administration Fee  
  • Biology Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Biology Tuition  
  • Chemistry Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Chemistry Tuition  
  • Computer Science Tuition

    1 to 1 A-level Computer Science Tuition  
  • Course Transfer Fee

  • Exam Paper Marking

    Past exam paper Marking service. Ensure that you are prepared for your exams by completing a past paper and submit it to LearnOnline for one of our expert tutors to mark and provide you with a grade. You will also receive support with any answers which require additional understanding/revision.  This feedback will identify your further [...]
  • Exam Transfer Fee

    Exam Transfer Fee If you are a LearnOnline student and agreed with your exam centre and LearnOnline on a 'Transfer Fee' for your written exams you are in the right place & you can make the payment here!  
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