Coronavirus – COVID-19

Coronavirus – COVID-19 

Being an online provider, we are happy to say that we are operating as normal with only a few minor adjustments that the LearnOnline Team have had to make whilst working remotely!  

We are really pleased to say that we have continued to support out existing students and welcome new learners each week.  

Who We Have Supported 

The main impact that the pandemic had on us and our learners was the cancellation of exams in summer 2020. This was devastating news to many students across the UK who had worked hard to sit their written exams and lost the chance to do so. In lieu of sitting their exams centres were asked to provide a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) for each student. For private candidates and online learners this left uncertainty on whether they would be able to receive a CAG due to the nature of their learning.   

We are really proud to say that we were able to help as many as we could, including: 

  • LearnOnline and LiveSchool students, including those entered at alternative exam centres 
  • Private Candidates* 

*We have been in contact with our private candidates since examinations were cancelled, trying to establish if we could help them. We were not able to support everyone, but a few who had private tutors or were with other online providers we were happy to support.  

What Now? 

The LearnOnline Team will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, however this should have little or no effect on your experience with us. Your course tutors often work remotely so they are more than used to this situation, some are having to work with their families at home too, but this does not seem to have affected their performance to date, although we do ask for understanding if our response times are slightly delayed or at strange times of the day! 

We do not know how social distancing measures might change things long term, but we will continue to work as we have been, ensuring all of our staff and students remain safe and well.  

You may wish to take exams in the Autumn series if you were unable to receive a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG). Dates are yet to be released, but if this affects you contact us and we can keep you up to date – we will only be able to offer exams to those who were due to take exams in summer 2020 or students who received a CAG & wish to appeal.

For those wishing to attend science workshops and exams in 2021, we are very hopeful that these will go ahead, we will work with our Health & Safety Team at the College to ensure everyone’s safety during these times. If we are unable to host them due to another outbreak we will be in contact with everyone involved to discuss options.  

Our Message!

No matter where you are in the world;  

Stay safe, stay well and enjoy learning! 


I hope you know how much I have appreciated everything you have done for us. You have been totally FAB through the whole process” Parent – online learner & private candidate 

“I cannot express to you how grateful we are for your continued efforts on  behalf and the fact that you are taking  progression seriously at your own (and your school’s) inconvenience and at very little monetary charge. 

We will forever be grateful for what you are doing for  and thank goodness that we found Pembrokeshire College.” Parent – private candidate 

 Thank you so much for all of your help – you’ve kept us sane these past few years.” Student – online learner 

“I really appreciate all the support, effort and help you and Pembrokeshire college have made to support home Ed students. I am aware from home Ed groups that many children have not been as fortunate as .” Parent – private candidate 

“Thank you so much for looking after all this. We are very grateful for all you and have done to support in studying his favourite subject. 

We are very happy with the service we have received from your school” Parent – online student 

Please contact the LearnOnline team for more details

Phone: 01437 753 490


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