Biology Practical Endorsement Workshop


Practical Endorsement dates:
2018 – 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd February

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Biology Practical Endorsement Workshop

In order to achieve a pass in your biology practical endorsement workshop, students will need to have met the following expectations:

  • Follows written procedures
    • a) Correctly follows instructions to carry out the experimental techniques or procedures.
  • Applies investigative approaches and methods when using instruments and equipment
    • a) Correctly uses appropriate instrumentation, apparatus and materials (including ICT) to carry out investigative activities, experimental techniques and procedures with minimal assistance or prompting.
    • b) Carries out techniques or procedures methodically, in sequence and in combination, identifying practical issues and making adjustments when necessary.
    • c) Identifies and controls significant quantitative variables where applicable, and plans approaches to take account of variables that cannot readily be controlled.
    • d) Selects appropriate equipment and measurement strategies in order to ensure suitably accurate results.
  • Safely uses a range of practical equipment and materials
    • a) Identifies hazards and assesses risks associated with these hazards when carrying out experimental techniques and procedures in the lab or field.
    • b) Uses appropriate safety equipment and approaches to minimise risks with minimal prompting.
    • c) Identifies safety issues and makes adjustments when necessary.
  • Makes and records observations
    • a) Makes accurate observations relevant to the experimental or investigative procedure.
    • b) Obtains accurate, precise and sufficient data for experimental and investigative procedures and records this methodically using appropriate units and conventions.
  • Researches, references and reports
    • a) Uses appropriate software and/or tools to process data, carry out research and report findings.
    • b) Sources of information are cited demonstrating that research has taken place, supporting planning and conclusions.
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