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A level Computer Science

A level Computer Science A2 WJEC

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Qualification: A2 Computer Science
Awarding Body: WJEC
Start Date: Anytime
Exam Date: June
Duration: 180 hours
Support: 18 months
Coursework: None

Course Specification: WJEC A2 Computer Science

WJEC courses are non linear, you can sit your AS and A2 examinations separately.

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What’s included in your online A Level Computer Science Course A2 WJEC

  • 24/7 access to the LearnOnline training platform
  • All learning documentation (including electronic text books)
  • Dedicated course tutor
  • Tutor-marked assignments + feedback
  • Coursework assistance + assessment
  • Examination Preparation
  • 2 x Mock Examinations
  • 18 months priority tutor support

A2 Computer Science Course Structure

  • Programming and System Development
  • Computer Architecture, Data, Communication and Applications
  • Programmed Solution to a Problem

A2 Assessments

Your A2 Computer Science course contains a number of assignments which your dedicated course tutor will mark and give you valuable feedback on throughout your study.

WJEC Examinations

A2 Unit 3: Programming and System Development

This unit investigates:

  • programs
  • data structures
  • algorithms
  • logic
  • programming methodologies
  • the impact of computer science on society.

100 marks
2 hours – written paper

A2 Unit 4: Computer Architecture, Data, Communication and Applications

This unit investigates:

  • computer architecture
  • communication
  • data representation
  • organisation and structure of data
  • programs
  • algorithms
  • software applications.

100 marks
2 hours – written paper

A2 Unit 5: Programmed Solution to a Problem

Candidates discuss, investigate, design, prototype, refine and implement, test and evaluate a computerised solution to a problem chosen by the candidate which must be solved using original code (programming).

This is a substantial piece of work, undertaken over an extended period of time

100 marks
Non-exam assessment

Arranging Your Exams

Students are required to arrange and pay for their examinations themselves
(we can arrange for you to sit your exams at Pembrokeshire College if you wish).

Students must check with the relevant examination board for final examination dates.

You will need to register for your exams at least 3 months prior to exam dates.

Text Books

You will receive all necessary text books as part of your LearnOnline course.

A2 Computer Science Tutor Support

The most important part of your online A2 Computer Science WJEC course (apart from you) is your dedicated tutor. All of our tutors have extensive academic experience and have all taught AS Computer Science in the classroom as well as online. You will be assigned a tutor as soon as you enrol on your course who will support you for up to 18 months during your studies. You can contact your tutor via email, Skype or telephone with any questions.

Previous Knowledge

You will need to have completed AS Computer Science WJEC and have a strong grasp of English and Maths as well as some programming experience/knowledge – If you are new to programming, we provide a range of programming support at the beginning of the course.

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