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Home Educated

Home learning online A–levels are available to a wide range of people.

As the internet has allowed us access to more and more information and learning resources it has been an asset especially to home learning and education. Yet these students have trouble meeting exam requirements that schools and colleges can provide.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Have trouble obtaining qualifications from Local Providers?

We accept all candidates whatever their qualification background – we do have recommendations to those thinking of embarking on A-levels that they work at an equivalent standard to GCSE Maths and English, Grade C or above plus GCSE grade B or above in their chosen subject.

Find it difficult to find centres that accept private candidates?

We accept all private candidates at Pembrokeshire College for A-level exams including some subjects which we do not offer via online learning. We also offer GCSE exams and hope to expand into Online GCSEs in the near future.

(Exams do need to be entered by the start of March to ensure entry for summer period)

Cannot find anywhere to participate in practical science workshop?

We offer unit 3 & 6 practical workshops for Science A-levels both as part of our online learning and independently. These workshops typically take place in October, February and March/April. We also hope to increase the number of workshops with demand.

Need extra support and access to course material and learning guidelines?

Once enrolled, a course textbook is provided and sent via post within 48 hours so your studying can begin almost immediately. Some subjects use online learning resources as well as the textbook and recommended links from tutors are provided. Tutors set short coursework sessions to be completed accordingly with the textbook and can be submitted for marking and feedback. Tutors are on-hand to answer all queries via email or post. Support is provided for 18 months per AS or A2 level.

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