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  • A levels

    A levels

    A levels are academic qualifications offered by educational institutions to students completing secondary or pre-university education right across the UK (and internationally too)
  • Fast Track A Levels

    Fast Track A Levels

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  • Practical Endorsement Science Workshops

    Practical Endorsement Science Workshops

  • International A levels

    International A levels

  • IGCSEs (9-1)

    IGCSEs (9-1)

    In modern society, students need more than just ‘knowledge’ to be successful. It’s not enough to learn facts and methods. It’s about knowing when and how to apply the knowledge and methods, about having the mental dexterity to deal with the unexpected, about being able to think through a problem. These skills will be crucial in the exam, it is not just about knowledge..skills are important too!
    It’s likely you have heard about these skills before: skills like problem-solving, independent research, critical-thinking, time-management, team-working, self-directed study, self-awareness and time-management. We refer to them as ‘transferable skills’ because they can be transferred to different context (which may or may not be part of a formal study programme) than that in which they are learnt. These skills, taken together, act like a ‘How to learn’ toolkit that enable a person to go on learning, and to learn different kinds of things in different environments and help in preparation for further study or employment.
  • UCAS Application Support

    UCAS Application Support

    Applying to University can be a very challenging and time-consuming task for any student. Home Educated Students in particular are often overwhelmed by the UCAS application process and without access to a careers adviser usually undergo the application alone. LearnOnline offers a full range of University application support from predicted grades right through to practice interviews and entrance exam preparation.   We can manage the whole application process for you from helping you choose a course and a University, completing your application form, and editing your personal statement professionally. We are here to help make sure that your application truly reflects you and your abilities and give you the best chance at gaining a place at your chosen University.
  • LiveSchoolOnline


    LiveSchoolOnline is a new way of learning with LearnOnline. In addition to receiving access to our standard online courses, you will also have access to online lessons delivered live by your course tutor (1 per week during term time throughout the course). All of these live sessions will be recorded to allow you to revisit any previous lessons whenever you want to - this is very useful for revising! All LiveSchoolOnline courses include revision and exam preparation sessions towards the end of the course as well as 2 marked practice exam papers. The LiveSchoolOnline course is broken down into 3 terms. Each term is approximately 10 weeks long and will include an end of term test at the end to allow you to monitor your progress and identify any areas that may need some extra revision!
  • Business Training

    Business Training

  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

  • Exam Paper Marking

    Exam Paper Marking

  • Resit Course Tuition

    Resit Course Tuition

    If you have already studied a course but have not achieved the grades you were looking for, a Resit Course from LearnOnline will help you to increase your understanding and improve your grades.
  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers